found my mom's old phone from 2009!!!

i remember her accidentally ordering mini-usb chargers instead of micro-usb chargers so imma try to see if it still works and if i can use it for spacehey like we could w myspace. i prob used it more than her lmao :P it was one of the cool ones with a slide out keyboard so typing won't be too much ofa prob unless i wanna get the feeling i had texting my mom on my first flip phone which i got wayyy too good at lmao, no clue where that mightve got

complete tangent but biggest text pet peeve is when someones writing smth and they type smth like could've as "could of" like NO THATS WRONG ITS ABBREVIATION FOR COULD HAVE it makes me wanna puke

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it has a camera too so i can take pics and vids right :P

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im sure that the pictures/videos would be in 240p resolution at most.

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and thats exactly what im looking for ;)

by xXfrankiesteinksXx; ; Report

i like stuff that takes pics/videos in hd. my phone can take pictues in 1080p, but theres no zoom so i just use my camcorder, which is only 480p widescreen at the highest quality settings.

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