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First Lady Fashion

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I saw some people saying that Melania Trump brought fashion and class to the white house like did we forget about Jackie Kennedy? She did not serve cunt like that for y'all to FORGET IT!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

my mental health has been so bad ive been being buying into religious beliefs again  » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

Doja's new album goes hard fr I hope people on the internet stop judging her for having to aggressively set boundaries  I love creepy girls and unusual girls and unique girls idgaf!!!! » Continue Reading

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my greatest enemy

Category: Blogging

I was so sleepy and ready to crawl into bed and hibernate then I saw a tiktok comparing Taylor Swift to Hozier and I got so irrationally upset that I became wide awake » Continue Reading

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doja catttt

Category: Music

idk what people are on about Doja Cat's new music is great, I've been following her for years and this type of production (ESPECIALLY Demons) IS the old Doja Cat  She's always been weird and out there and that's why I love her » Continue Reading

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music thoughts 2

Category: Music

Lately I've been listening to Stick Season (We'll All Be Here Forever) by Noah Kahan and it's really nice to have a piece of media that is relatable. I frequently struggle to pull apart my feelings, discover what they're about and where they're from, so having something like music or poetry really helps (And writing it myself!). I'm finding that I miss my home deeply, the one I spent the early yea... » Continue Reading

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music thoughts

Category: Music

hozier is my elvis, like in the way where women were going crazy over this white boy who danced on stage and sang gospel rock music  » Continue Reading

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