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Steam Deck, H.O.T.A.S, And Accesories.

Category: Games

Hello Fellow Game Enjoyers, I have recently just bought a Steam Deck   and I would like to gather any opinions of anyone who has it. I hear it is pretty good and has amazing features. Mine should be coming in tomorrow, and I am really excited to try it out. Of course, I really only bought it for travel » Continue Reading

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Sleep? Not In This House.

Category: Life

Hello Fellow Enjoyers Of Sleep, Pro-tip, if you work a job and have school and live at your parents house so you over-sleep on your days of too regain sleep hours lost, just... don't sleep! :D I was awoken today by my mother because I was sleeping in, you know... on one of the two days I have off for, and I quote, sleeping too much. Listen, I love my mom, but her going into retirement means she ha... » Continue Reading

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Franchised Or Corporate?

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Hello Fellow Enjoyers Of The Walmart Supercenter, On a very random note, don't ever work at a franchised convivence store or hardware store. Everything is disorganized and just all over the place. Management doesn't know how to co-op with corperate, and it all just falls like a bunch of dominos. Sure, when ya shop there it looks all normal, but it's all held on together by a thread...  Overall, to... » Continue Reading

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Hello World!

Category: Blogging

Hello World, I welcome myself to this new platform. I am liking it already. Thank you hun , for introducing me to this site. Can't wait to make new friends! By, Jekka » Continue Reading

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