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Steam Deck, H.O.T.A.S, And Accesories.

Hello Fellow Game Enjoyers,

I have recently just bought a Steam Deck and I would like to gather any opinions of anyone who has it. I hear it is pretty good and has amazing features. Mine should be coming in tomorrow, and I am really excited to try it out. Of course, I really only bought it for travel purposes, but regardless, a fine edition to my collection. Works just like a laptop and etc, it's going to be great. I bought a Steam Dock that even has air coolers, so that it doesn't burn out on me. Which will make portable game experiences even better and life expectancies even higher! And of course, I had to purchase a Carrying Case for all the extra items. Sorry not sorry. It will all be a great addition to my masterpiece. Hehe~

On another note, since I already have an Oculus VR, and also enjoy aviation games, I decided to purchase a H.O.T.A.S system to use. I am hoping that purchasing this item will increase the realism of my flight simulators or combat games. For anyone who has this setup, please let me know what you think of it. I am hoping it will all come together for a great and fun experience. 

Ya'll have a blessed and free American day!



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love that you got all your stuff that you need for your game and oculus! Makes me happy that you have all that now <3

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I am going to eat your... cookies... yea... Love you bbg~

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