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Franchised Or Corporate?

Hello Fellow Enjoyers Of The Walmart Supercenter,

On a very random note, don't ever work at a franchised convivence store or hardware store. Everything is disorganized and just all over the place. Management doesn't know how to co-op with corperate, and it all just falls like a bunch of dominos. Sure, when ya shop there it looks all normal, but it's all held on together by a thread... 

Overall, to shop at a franchised or cooperate store, such as Walmart, Ace, Home Depot, etc, it's fine. But not fine as a job. Leave immediately... Can't coordinate for shit... Anyways, good luck with your continuous journeys.



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Oh absolutely, worked night shift last year at a Walmart and it was miserable. It would've been fine if the whole thing wasn't so inefficient, but the process was really just made to stress us out as much as possible

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The franchised Ace I worked at is just super sloppy. And for no reason. Even the managers don't talk amongst themselves... I don't get it.

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are you a capitalist

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