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16, African-American

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Category: Books and Stories

 I recently finished a book, Axiom's End by Lindsay Ellis. It was an absolutely gorgeous read, and truthfully, a deeply necessary one. The book centers a character Cora, whose father is wanted for espionage after leaking details of First Contact by the US government. Cora eventually meets the esteemed alien, Ampersand, and becomes his "translator" due to a device he implanted to allow himself to s... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I feel so pathetic venting. It's like I'm forcing someone else to bear my problems, assuming they'll completely sympathize with me. Doing this feels wrong. I feel so empty lately, the more I go through life the less real I feel. Even that seems like an exaggeration. I'm done I think  » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Today I hadn't slept until 6am, not to my own accord, but due to a sticking feeling of excitement. My sleep was horribly interrupted and hard to keep myself in. When I woke up, after a bit I became effected again. My chest started to feel airy, yet compact as well. I was tired in that same conflicting way. I laid to sleep, yet couldn't seem to get a proper sense of comfort. Every noise was too lou... » Continue Reading

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Rainy day

Category: Blogging

It's raining today and I find myself occupied with thoughts of where I lie in the "grand scheme" of things. It's a funny suggestion, that there's truly more to everything than merely every aspect of my life and thought. Regardless of this, as I try to catch more sleep on a eerily rainy day, I find myself reminiscing on old childish hopes. The first being, "I wish to graduate valedictorian." As if ... » Continue Reading

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Boredom rant

Category: School, College, University

Every since schools ended for the summer I've slipped back into very poor habits. I barely ate yesterday, and spent hours asleep on an empty stomach today after being up for hours the night before. The only things that keep me on some kind of schedule is always being responsible for my nephews bedtime, and the chance to talk to my girlfriend the following day. There's a lot of things that aren't g... » Continue Reading

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I Have Hurt Far Longer Than I've Felt It

Category: Writing and Poetry

I open my eyes To an overly bright sun  And am overcome with a sense of Dread My head hurts again  I navigate my day  Mouth overflowing with With countless complaints Of pains, pains, and pains My chest hurts again  I look into the eyes of those Around my seemingly broken body  And see the deep disgust And contempt of their gaze  My stomach hurts again  I return to my bed My solace  My area of pla... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

I will live my  Predicably short life With the horrifying understanding That all my problems  Are preventable Yet always seem Unavoidable  » Continue Reading

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