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Intro!! 🌟

Category: Life

Hi !! My name is natalie, i kinda just made this account so i thought i’d do a little intro just to get to know people and make some friends!! ^^ I live in Ireland, and i really enjoy going on holidays to other places. i would really like to study abroad someday, maybe even visit Waldaschaff in Germany again!! i visited with my class last time but that’s not really important. I would really like t... » Continue Reading

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friday!!!! 👒

Category: Blogging

⋆⛧*┈┈┈┈īš¤ā­¨â™Ąā­§īšĨ ┈┈┈┈*⛧⋆ Hi hi!! sorry i didnt blog yesterday, i was super tired!! how is everyone?? lemme tell u about my day!!! thankfully it was friday, & me & my friends had plans to go downtown after school & watch the new guardians of the galaxy!! all my classes were pretty fun,, & everyone was in a good mood & excited for the sunny weekend > < i think i only have about two weeks left of school,... » Continue Reading

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chill day ⛱ī¸

Category: Blogging

⋆⛧*┈┈┈┈īš¤ā­¨â™Ąā­§īšĨ ┈┈┈┈*⛧⋆ Hi hi!!  sorry for the late blog today,, it totally slipped my mind ^^’ how r u guys??? ^^ i had a pretty good day today. i had irish this morning & it was really awkward cuz these gang of girls were sitting at me & my friends’ desk,, so we went to the vending machine in the school hall cuz my friend said she needed to buy water, but also maybe cuz we didn’t wanna be standing ... » Continue Reading

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boring day 💤

Category: Blogging

⋆⛧*┈┈┈┈īš¤ā­¨â™Ąā­§īšĨ ┈┈┈┈*⛧⋆ Hi hi!! i don’t really have much to talk about today,, but i thought i’d make a quick blog just to say hi!!  i had a fun day at school today! i had a double art class in the morning, and since we’ve finished all the major projects we needed to do we’re allowed to do whatever we want to finish off the year. i’m doing a painting of a rose bush & my cat in the foreground » Continue Reading

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day out!!

Category: Blogging

⋆⛧*┈┈┈┈īš¤ā­¨â™Ąā­§īšĨ ┈┈┈┈*⛧⋆ Hi  hi!! i’m back again!!! how r u?? how was ur day?? i was actually super excited to write this blog, blogging is super fun!! lemme tell u about my day > < so today my school was hosting a sports day (yuck), so obviously i didn’t go. my older sister had booked a doctors appointment in the city & my mom said i could tag along! so of course i wanted to go i had to get up pretty... » Continue Reading

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