boring day πŸ’€

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Hi hi!!

i don’t really have much to talk about today,, but i thought i’d make a quick blog just to say hi!!Β 

i had a fun day at school today! i had a double art class in the morning, and since we’ve finished all the major projects we needed to do we’re allowed to do whatever we want to finish off the year. i’m doing a painting of a rose bush & my cat in the foreground <33 i accidentally messed up the perspective of the cat in my first sketch, but i totally redid it & i think it came out really pretty! my art teacher seemed really pleased cuz she patted me on the shoulder & said i had done a really good job ^^

i had a free maths class which was fun!! a free is always ideal. i had double business today too, which wasn’t as boring as usual at least!! i had english then after that, which was pretty fun because we’ve been doing stuff on the outsiders novel, which i adore <3 i had german today too!! which was fun, & science last class. it was pretty boring but oh well. i survived.

the weather’s been really warm lately, which i’m super grateful for !! i love the summer, and i’m so happy it’s finally brightened up!! i’m so excited for the beach days ><Β 

do any of u have any summer plans?? holidays or vacations ?? :D lmk!!!

nice talkin to u!!

natalie 🌷

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