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Intro!! 🌟

Hi !!

My name is natalie, i kinda just made this account so i thought i’d do a little intro just to get to know people and make some friends!! ^^

I live in Ireland, and i really enjoy going on holidays to other places. i would really like to study abroad someday, maybe even visit Waldaschaff in Germany again!! i visited with my class last time but that’s not really important. I would really like to be a comic book artist, or a youtuber when i’m older, and i wanna write books and live happily and carefree in a cosy apartment with my awesome gf and cuddly cat.

I mentioned this in my bio already, but i’m 15! i like a lot of typical teenager stuff, and i love just being stupid and enjoying my life. i love drinking coffee, listening to spotify, singing, drawing, talking with friends, watching youtube and writing! i also love fashion, and i adore overdressing for occasions and looking pretty <3

I have a lot of interests, as in a lot. sometimes even i forget half of em. i like reading manga, and my favs are probably chainsaw man and goodnight punpun. i also really like video games, like sally face, needy streamer overload, project sekai (though i actually deleted it not too long ago) and honkai star rail!! i like cartoons, like the owl house, amphibia and south park! i love silly cosy games, and naturally i adore cute & cosy custom maps on minecraft too :))

I’m not really sure what other stuff to say other than just basic information, so i guess we’ll go with that ^^

i go by she/her and im a lesbian! i’m not really sure what my gender is but i think i might be nonbinary, who knows though?? 

i’m totally okay with being messaged, i love talking to new people! i also might not be active in like the morning to the afternoon cuz of school, so sorry about that!! this is kinda a busy time of the year for me anyway, but i’ll live 🫶

i hope this isnt too long,, feel free to ask me any questions i guess ^^’ i’m not really sure what people say in these…

nice talkin to u!! 

natalie 🌷

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