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Hi hi!!

i’m back again!!! how r u?? how was ur day?? i was actually super excited to write this blog, blogging is super fun!! lemme tell u about my day ><

so today my school was hosting a sports day (yuck), so obviously i didn’t go. my older sister had booked a doctors appointment in the city & my mom said i could tag along! so of course i wanted to go

i had to get up pretty early tho, since i live in the countryside the city is about an hours drive away from my house, so no sleep in for me T T when we got up there we dropped off my sister & me and my mom decided to head into the shopping centre across the road to kill some time,, we went to Penneys & i bought some super cute sunglasses with a pink tint, two pairs of shorts: green & light brown, cute pink sliders for the beach & a new t-shirt!! my mom got two pairs of sunglasses too, & a pretty dress

afterward we went into a little café for lunch since we still had some time on our hands. my mom got a tuna sandwich & tea and i got pancakes, bacon & a latte,, which was rlly good!!!

when we finished up we looked into a bunch of shops for any tote bags, since i had been meaning to get one for a while. unfortunately,, no luck, we couldn’t find any :((, but i’ve been looking online anyway so i might find a really cute one!! 

we went back to the hospital to collect my sister, & then went home! we got back pretty early in the afternoon,, so i did my homework and tried on all my clothes!!

overall it was a really fun day!! i’m super happy with all the stuff i got & it was fun having a day out with my mom & sister!! definitely a lot better than a school sports day…^^’

nice talkin to u!! 

natalie 🌷

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