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chill day ⛱️

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Hi hi!! 

sorry for the late blog today,, it totally slipped my mind ^^’ how r u guys??? ^^

i had a pretty good day today. i had irish this morning & it was really awkward cuz these gang of girls were sitting at me & my friends’ desk,, so we went to the vending machine in the school hall cuz my friend said she needed to buy water, but also maybe cuz we didn’t wanna be standing in there awkwardly ^^’ it was nice talking to her tho!! we only speak at our lockers or maybe at lunch or in our irish class, but it’s fun hanging out with her!! 

we had pe next, and i didnt feel like doing it so i pretended to not have my gear. me and my two other friends didn’t do it either, and we helped set up the astroturf for rounders, got stuff from the storeroom and grabbed an ice pack when someone got hurt. when class was over our teacher said can anyone who’s not doing pe hang back in the hall for a second,, which was kinda scary!! we waited for our teacher all nervous that he was gunna give out to us or get mad,, but he didn’t show up. we were all starving & we had a break so we just left to eat our lunch. i still don’t know what he wanted to say to us,, i just hope we weren’t in trouble   ><‘’

aside from that my other classes were pretty mediocre, but at lunch there was a teacher/student match held in the astroturf, which was fun until our vice principal dislocated his knee,, i felt so bad T T

aside from a hectic history class with an embarrassing and hyper group,, my day was pretty okay!!

tomorrow i get to go down town with my friends after school which’ll be fun! 

i got a photo of my junior cert time table today too, and honestly it’s pretty good!! a lot of my exams are in the morning, but at least i get to go home early!! plus i finish a few days early cuz i don’t do one of the subjects that’s on on the last day :3 do u guys have any exams coming up?? 

anyways that’s kinda it for today,, i’ll update again tomorrow!!!

nice talkin to u!!

natalie 🌷

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