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PARKER!! aka yugi. 18. autistic.

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byf & xtra info

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 BEFORE YOU FOLLOW!  1) i type with emoticons + shortened words, if you need me to type wholly for accessibility reasons please tell me! 2) i am cringe and have zero shame 3) i am the host of a DID traumagen system, and care utmost about my system's privacy 4) i interact freely with things unless told not to 5) i only really add people back who share my interests or who seem like someone i'd like ... » Continue Reading

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BACK AT IT AGAIN W/ THE BLOGGING!!! listen, i have been so insanely busy recently. i'm starting my A-Levels uh TOMORROW and also i'm currently moving houses!!! i have a sociology test at 9am tomorrow and i'm like pulling my hair right now i swear to god!!! moving is cool though! we're actually moving because we're getting kicked out of our current place (literally just the housing agency wanted to... » Continue Reading

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absolutely EXHAUSTED so i won't share all the details but!!! today i went to a local comiccon, it was really cool! i saw some really great cosplays.. talked to some people, bought some stuff! me and my brother have always wanted to cosplay but i only found out about this convention like.. 2 weeks ago, it was last minute notice. i got a new sketchbook with this really cool like, snake on the front,... » Continue Reading

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