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absolutely EXHAUSTED so i won't share all the details but!!! today i went to a local comiccon, it was really cool! i saw some really great cosplays.. talked to some people, bought some stuff! me and my brother have always wanted to cosplay but i only found out about this convention like.. 2 weeks ago, it was last minute notice.

i got a new sketchbook with this really cool like, snake on the front, some badges for my jacket (i keep a bunch of badges on my leather jacket!!), a couple of stickers, a millenium puzzle necklace and a new lanyard!! 

the centre was this big hall in a local leisure centre, there were so many people there and so much stuff.. like so so much. it's comiccon so most of it pertained to like, marvel or star wars or whatever. i saw a seto kaiba funkopop but it was like, £40 and the box was slightly scuffed so??? like. geez. 

i think the funny thing to me is seeing like, friend groups together, like you see the wildest combos. we sawww yami yugi, chiaki nanami and lumine in the same little group. OH AND i saw a karkat cosplay?!? which took me well off guard.. there were so many cool people i think it is so awesome i'm kind of worried they noticed me staring at them help!!!! 

there were obviously a bunch of genshin cosplayers and stuff.. oh and chainsaw man, oh so many, it wasn't a very big convention by any means but i had a bunch of fun! it's pretty new i think, this is it's second year.

getting out is really good though, especially for my mental health!!! i got a few neat little things and i got to see some really cool cosplays and talk to some people from like, my local community i guess!! sorry that this blog is so messily worded i am so so tired, but i really wanted to write about it!!!

college tomorrow, i'm hoping it'll be okay, my mood has been improving lately, i think it's because it's spring. i've always been getting more into art again! it's been awhile since i took it seriously i think, but who knows! maybe i'll keep it up this time! :D it's gonna be a long week, i'm sure of it.. but oh well!!! goodnight spacehey dot com, hope you had a good week <3

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