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byf & xtra info


1) i type with emoticons + shortened words, if you need me to type wholly for accessibility reasons please tell me!

2) i am cringe and have zero shame

3) i am the host of a DID traumagen system, and care utmost about my system's privacy

4) i interact freely with things unless told not to

5) i only really add people back who share my interests or who seem like someone i'd like to be friends with

6) i won't add you back if your profile just says "minor", i fully respect not sharing your age but i'm very uncomfortable around young teens, sorry

7) every now and then i change my theme! i still enjoy all my interests regardless of theme, it's just something i enjoy doing.


1) you're under fifteen

2) you're right wing 

3) you're anti-neopronouns or gender critical

4) you fakeclaim systems for any reason, as it is absolutely not your place to judge such things, stop pretending to be an expert if you're not literally a doctor

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