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BACK AT IT AGAIN W/ THE BLOGGING!!! listen, i have been so insanely busy recently. i'm starting my A-Levels uh TOMORROW and also i'm currently moving houses!!! i have a sociology test at 9am tomorrow and i'm like pulling my hair right now i swear to god!!!

moving is cool though! we're actually moving because we're getting kicked out of our current place (literally just the housing agency wanted to repurpose the building even though WE LIVE HERE) but the good thing is that we're going to move to a bigger place! there's allot of small details and issues about it but on the bright side it is going to be bigger! and it's a nicer area, i've lived in the city my whole life and this place is in a village so it'.. going to be odd.

i'm really excited though, because i'm going to have my own room. for the first time uh. ever. i've always lived in really small flats and shared with siblings etc.. this is a huge deal for me! we're going to be moving our stuff within the next week, cleaning up, and stuff like that!! but i'm more worried about my exams honestly...

things are okay though! i think. i'm still struggling due to you know mental illness but it could definitely be worse, i think.

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