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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Y'ALL DO I KEEP IN MY STUDS OR CHANGE IT TO HOOPS FOR MY SNAKEBITES???? help pls i cant decide i only am using the studs bc thats how they pierced it, i was gonna change to hoops once they healed BUT IDKKKK » Continue Reading

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my pet axolotl

Category: Pets and Animals

guys my axies name is tattoo and hes so cute it drives me insane yeah true sometimes i have to cancel plans bc he pooped and i dont want him swimming in his poop but hes just such a silly cute little guy ugh i love tattoo sm » Continue Reading

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hi cool people

Category: Blogging

it's so crazy damn it this site is the coolest- all these JAW dropping profiles i'm gonna faint fr » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

y'all know how my hair has looked like and its been like that (the way it is on my profile pic) since FOREVER soooo today i was just gonna cut it to my shoulders like i often do but... i got bangs as well AND I LOVE IT I WISH I COULD INSERT A PICTURE UGH IDK HOW TO :L the last time i had bangs like this i was deadass 5 or something, crazy change for me ahhah » Continue Reading

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see ya!! in two days :0

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

me and my friends made some plans to donate and then hang for a while, i will also change my snakebites likely, into hoops :D and i wont be home tomorrow and the day after sooo bbye cool people » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

guys i think i got a gf????? we jokingly started a thing where we were gonna pretend to be together in front of our friend group BUT I THINK WE COUGHT FEELING SHSHHSHABJHDSAM » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

someone pls tell me how to add blinkies on my profile » Continue Reading

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how do i talk to people

Category: SpaceHey

UHH EVERYONE IS SO COOL ITS MAKING ME PANIC ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO ADDED ME LIKE YALL ARE THE COOLEST PEOPLE ON THIS MF EARTH what did i do to end up here holy s!!! (can i curse on here?)  » Continue Reading

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