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My rescue betta Quill :)

Category: Pets and Animals

I've had Quill since October 30, 2021! he's a paradise morph i think? But regardless when i brought him home he was skin and bones with no tail. I kept him in a cycled 2.5 gallon snail tank while i nursed him back to health. I thought too big of a tank would stress him out more. fed him every day, gave him medicine every 48 hours, and did frequent water changes and now he's a happy healthy guy! Hi... » Continue Reading

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almost murdered all my houseplants :c

Category: Life

So i may have accidentally left my houseplants in direct sun for a few days and a lot of them are sunburnt or got literally cooked and i feel so bad i made such a dumb mistake, but on the bright side some survived and are still doing well! I don't think ill be bringing them outside in that spot anymore after this, i just wanted to get them some sun and real wind and i big time goofed up » Continue Reading

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So Much For Stardust

Category: Music

me when i've been listening to fall out boy since i was 8 and their new album has made it impossible for me to listen to anyone else rn » Continue Reading

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forgor to introduce my leopard geckos

Category: Pets and Animals

Nojiko is in a temporary 10 gallon until i get her 29 gallon set up! Gecko Moria has a 20 long ! I'll make another blog post w their finished setups soon » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

I've been playin among us w my bf and my bestie n its genuinely fun to me idk, maybe its the neurodivergence ?? » Continue Reading

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Anime Check !!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

One Piece: Ep 497 Sailor Moon (rewatch): Ep 6 Soul Eater (rewatch #5): Ep 27 Fooly Cooly: Ep 2  Im thinking about doing a rewatch of Paranoia Agent! It's so good and being a Satoshi Kon anime, I'm sure I missed some stuff in my first watch TwT » Continue Reading

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