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My rescue betta Quill :)

I've had Quill since October 30, 2021! he's a paradise morph i think? But regardless when i brought him home he was skin and bones with no tail. I kept him in a cycled 2.5 gallon snail tank while i nursed him back to health. I thought too big of a tank would stress him out more. fed him every day, gave him medicine every 48 hours, and did frequent water changes and now he's a happy healthy guy! His fins are heavy so he's only in a 3 gallon, but thats because he does have a hard time getting around. In his latest setup i've been working to add tons of resting spots for him! He still prefers his original leaf hammock the most though. Ideally i'd love to put him in a bigger tank but he's showing some signs of aging i think. i have no idea how old he is, all i know is that he's doing so much better than he was when i first got him.

When I first brought him home (October 30, 2021) 

Quill recently (May 08, 2023)

His current setup! still a work in progress.

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