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Honestly? I don't know what I am saying most of the time :D

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Come True Wish Of Mine

Category: Books and Stories

A man had appeared out of thin air, walking towards me while I was looking at the moon. » Continue Reading

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Underrated games pt.1! Saint Spells!

Category: Games

Saint Spells is a visual novel with around 29 students who can have multiple endings! It is in a very cute pixel style and is super underrated! Like Saint Spells allows you to pick your pronouns for each run and for some of the characters you don’t even have to romance them, you can have a platonic ending. For the game itself, you are going to a school of magic and your experience can range from a... » Continue Reading

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Who else knows this book?

Category: Books and Stories

Has anyone read the Phantom Tollbooth? Cause in like all of my years of living I haven’t even seen anyone carrying it. That being said, I would like to recommend it! It sorta reminds me of Alice in wonderland with how odd it is. Like this boy, Milo, has like all the time in the world but he doesn’t know what to do and then he finds this tollbooth in his room. The tollbooth then takes him to the La... » Continue Reading

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Character Description + Dialogue Practice! 1st person

Category: Writing and Poetry

I pushed my hair out of my face and looked around the library. I was in search of my friend, Avery. Movement had caught my eye and I could see Avery waving me down. She smiles at me and pats the seat next to her. I take a seat and shrug my bag off of my shoulder and on the floor. I took a glance at what she was reading, “Oh, Harry Potter again?” » Continue Reading

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