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Underrated games pt.1! Saint Spells!

Saint Spells is a visual novel with around 29 students who can have multiple endings! It is in a very cute pixel style and is super underrated!

Like Saint Spells allows you to pick your pronouns for each run and for some of the characters you don’t even have to romance them, you can have a platonic ending.

For the game itself, you are going to a school of magic and your experience can range from answering questions to eating mushrooms in the woods.

Each character is unique and it is super fun! It would be hard to find a character you don’t like because they can range from ‘dumb and hyper’ to ‘Is this man about to kill me???’. 

The game is free and found on itch.io and there is even a guide to the game which tells you all about how to get certain character’s ending and which activities will boost which stats in this google document!


So if you like visual novels, dating sims, interactive fiction or your choices matter type games I would love to recommend Saint Spells!

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ooh i gotta add this to my "to play" list!! the style is cute as hell.... yummy tasty pixel graphics!!!

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Pixel graphic are the best!

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