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Come True Wish Of Mine

A man had appeared out of thin air, walking towards me while I was looking at the moon.

“What do you wish for?” He asks while bending down to my level. What do I wish for? So many possibilities swirl together but in the end my mind becomes blank. Just what should I do with this wish?

“Could I wish for more wishes, Mister?” He frowns at my questions.

“You could, but you shouldn’t.”

“Why is that?”

He stands up and points to the inky black sky. “Do you remember the stars?” 

“Of course I do! They were so wonderful!” They would shine so bright and apparently some stars even made pictures from what I remember, but now there are only two that we know of. The sun and Sirius.

“Well you see each star makes one wish come true, there once was a star for everyone but people got greedy. They would wish for more wishes and take more stars from the sky which in turn took other’s wishes away.”

“That’s so mean!” I huff and he ruffles my hair.

“You're right, so let’s not take any other kids’ wishes, okay?” I nod a few times then I sit down on one of the stairs on the stairway. There I ponder for a moment.

“Is that why no one believes in you Mister? Somebody took all their wishes?”

He holds a soft smile as he nods his head. I look back up at the almost empty sky, only the moon could be seen.

“Hey Mister, who has the sun as a wish?”

“It’s mine.”

“Are you ever going to use it?”

He giggles at my question, “Heavens no! You humans need it as a star much more than I need it as a wish.” 

“Well what if your wish didn’t need the sun, what would it be then?” He smiles at me but the smile was one of melancholy. He sat down next to me and looked up at the moon.

“I would wish for someone to travel and talk with. After your wish I will have no use here anymore and I will go back to nothing.”

I frown at his answer but I do believe I know what to wish for now. “Mister, I know my wish-” I quickly stand with my hands out to the sky- “ I wish for stars to fill the night sky again! I want there to even be extra stars just in case you meet more meanies who want more wishes!” He looks surprised but then he just smiles and points behind me.

I turn around and all I can see is the inky black sky but then I see a shine in the distance. Then another and another until the sky was filled with lights. Some even had color that I could see.

“It’s so beautiful…” I whisper in awe then I turn around again, “Isn’t it beautiful Mister?”

“Yes,” His eyes reflected the new millions- trillions of stars in the sky, “It is.”

“Hey, Mister?”

“Yes child?”

“Now that there are more stars, can you take me with you?”

He coughs in his fist, “I- pardon? What do you mean child?”

“You said that you would wish for a travel buddy! Now that the wishes are back we can do it together!” I bounce on my toes and grab his hands, “I wanna make your wish come true too!”

It isn't my best work but I hope anyone who reads this will like it! Have an amazing day!<3 and I hope that your wish will come true too.

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Princess Popstar

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This is a very sweet little story~ It says a lot with very little, well done!

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Thank you very much! It means a lot to hear that you liked my writing.<3

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