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13.01.2023: Antwerp museum and goodbye party

Category: Blogging

hey all. i decided to make this another blog instead of a bulletin. i'm going to create more blogs than bulletins as i've started disliking the temporality of bulletins. i'd rather memorialize my life sharing. i'm in my exams period but it's going so well that i have tons of free time. i finished a paper thursday, days before the deadline, and so i decided to make friday the newest greatest day of... » Continue Reading

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day out in Bruges: museums, churches, people

Category: Travel and Places

03.11.22 even if you can't pinpoint Belgium on a map, it's quite likely you've heard of Bruges. please do NOT call it 'Venice of the North'. it's fucking BRUGES. that is amazing enough on itself. it doesn't need to be belittled into a comparison. nobody calls Venice the 'Bruges of the South'. fucking retarded. anyway, with that fiery introduction out of the way. in one single day you can't do half... » Continue Reading

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quality time with my parents today. so happy

Category: Travel and Places

my parents and i went on a roadtrip today. we followed a route in southern dutch limburg, stopping in pictoresque towns, villages and small cities. we checked out gorgeous castles in green parks. centuries old farm houses. lively shopping streets. churches of all sizes and styles. just driving around was great too. the roads there are winding through wooded hills (perfect timing with autumn) and c... » Continue Reading

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made a survey with actually unique questions - fill it in and post it around

Category: Quiz/Survey

20 survey questions 1 if you could witness a natural disaster, what would it be? a tornado, specifically an F4 one 2 you get one free coupon to get cosmetic surgery. will you use it? yes. for something minor but i'd feel better if i got it 'fixed' 3 would you rather ride atop a giraffe or an elephant? i wanna hug a giraffe neck as i ride it 4 » Continue Reading

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