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made a survey with actually unique questions - fill it in and post it around

20 survey questions

1 if you could witness a natural disaster, what would it be? a tornado, specifically an F4 one

2 you get one free coupon to get cosmetic surgery. will you use it? yes. for something minor but i'd feel better if i got it 'fixed'

3 would you rather ride atop a giraffe or an elephant? i wanna hug a giraffe neck as i ride it

4 caves or mountain views? i looove being inside caves with stalactites and pools of ice cold water

5 from now on see the world through a blue filter or a red filter? while i love blue aesthetics i think a red hued world would be better for my mental health

6 see a double rainbow or a meteorite shower? ohh i love rainbows so much but meteorites are so much cooler...

7 vast wilderness or big cities? i'm a city person from head to toe

8 never eat sweet food or never eat salty food anymore? i'd die without sweetness so bye bye salt

9 one song has to play in your head for an entire week. which one? 3ger.mp33 by Kiko

10 make the whole world clothing optional or make any nudity in public strictly forbidden? def clothing optional.

11 have you ever tasted blood purposefully? yes

12 what's the first word you want people to associate you with? i hope people think of me in terms of 'sincere' first and foremost

13 become 10 times sexier or 10 times smarter? sexier, i think more smartness would make me unhappier

14 what do you tend to hide from people at all costs? some of my darkest thoughts i'll never share with anyone

15 would you rather timetravel to the far future to see what's up or timetravel back to see something historic? timetravel back, i wanna walk around Flemish cities in their late medieval prime (1400s) or maybe see the Paris World Exposition 1900 (most beautiful environment that's ever existed i think)

16 do you wish you were born in a different time period? i'm actually quite content with when i was born (2001) but i wouldnt mind having been born in say 1991 so i could be a teen in the 2000s.

17 what was the best year (age) of your life and what was the worst? probably 9 the best and 15 the worst

18 what life event would you like to replay from an invisible third perspective? i have great memories of my first... ahem... intermingling and i would love to see it again.

19 congratulations! you're the 1 millionth visitor. pick a prize: a pink teddybear that gives daily wisdoms, a blue tortoise that doesn't need food and lives for 50 years, or a private island for 48 hours? give me that teddybear, i need some guidance in life

20 you get to roam around a city that's completely devoid of people for 24 hours. you can enter all stores, houses, museums... if you manage to break in. what city do you choose? New York

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Fun and actually quite revealing of a person's character / identity. I think I'll do it.

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i'll eagerly await your post!

by artisy2k1; ; Report

Update: did it!

by Arius; ; Report


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This looks fun.

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fill it in! hehe

by artisy2k1; ; Report


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These questions r so interesting! I agree with a lot of ur answers!

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awesum :))

by artisy2k1; ; Report