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Didn't realize streaming would be so taxing

Category: Games

Don't get me wrong, I love streaming. It's always been a dream of mine to do content creation; it might be one of my best hobbies yet. When I was on for 15 minutes just trying to do a small test stream I had people come in. Being entertaining, engaging with people, and trying to fix things at the same time was so stressful. I felt the pressure in my body and mind afterwards.  Luckily, my audio wor... » Continue Reading

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Feeling happy and accomplished

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I've finally taken the first major steps on becoming a streamer. I downloaded obs and did most things required to run a stream. I'm so excited and happy; this is the future that I want. I don't care whatever it becomes.  My goals in a year is to become comfortable streaming, which is just being myself on camera. Finding what content I like to stream is another. View count doesn't matter that much ... » Continue Reading

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Any way to make my art look less childish?

Category: Art and Photography

I'm a beginner digital artist and I feel like my art just looks childish. I think it's just the colors that look too airbrushed out. I don't know. Hopefully this phase will pass soon. I see so many artists where their work looks so mature. Even if it's cartoonish it's mature and not childish looking.  » Continue Reading

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I would love to meet more Hindus and get to know each other!

Category: Religion and Philosophy

I recently started the path of sanatan dharma and it's changed my life ever since. I would love to know more about you! » Continue Reading

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Any vegan or vegetarian recipes I should try?

Category: Food and Restaurants

I went vegetarian a few weeks ago and still need to fill my pantry and fridge with some good things. Any help would be amazing! » Continue Reading

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There's a trend going around on tiktok where you show your childhood stuffed animal. Does anyone have a childhood game?

Category: Games

The trend is where you would show your childhood stuffie and usually it looks worn down. It's worn down from all of the affection over the years and everything that you two have been through. I personally have a childhood game that I would play back to back, to back to back. It looks like it's been through the works lol. The game is Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Still one of my favorite games to this d... » Continue Reading

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Anyone remember Moshi Monsters?

Category: Games

I wish the website still worked. I used to play that game all the time as a kid. I didn't have friends as a kid when I was younger so socializing on moshi monsters kinda helped out a bit.  I remember I used to beg my mom for the premium because I wanted so many little animals and the cool decor all the other people had lol. I had premium for a short time. What were those little animals called? Mos... » Continue Reading

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Screaming into the internet void

Category: Writing and Poetry


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