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Brianna Ghey

Category: News and Politics

Another trans person has been murdered this year. It’s only February.  Her name was Brianna Ghey. She was only 16.  She was brutally stabbed to death by two teenagers as she was walking through a public park as she was going home from her school in england.  I didn’t know anything about miss brianna before I heard the tragic news of her death. But from the pictures and tiktok clips I’ve seen of he... » Continue Reading

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Kandi Cuff

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping This is like my second cuff ever!!!! I’m super proud of it :333 » Continue Reading

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Pov: you know the only thing that’s cringe is cringe itself

Category: Religion and Philosophy

I ran out of trans tik tok comps to watch, so I’ve started watching “transtrender cringe” tik toks, because they’re exactly the same as regular trans tik toks, but in these ones, I have to stay out of the comment sections.  » Continue Reading

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Pockets <3

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I’ve been really sick of not having pockets on my pants, so these are a few fabrics my Nana and I’ve found to make better pockets. Most of them will be for black jeans, so I’m sure it won’t clash too much. » Continue Reading

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🎼America why🎼

Category: News and Politics

The don’t say gay bill passed. I just, don’t know what to say.  » Continue Reading

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Thanks spacehey.

Category: SpaceHey

It’s honestly so weird to be on a website that has a creator that actually cares about the quality of the experience we have here, and not just the amount of time spent collecting add revenue. It’s oddly refreshing.  » Continue Reading

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An iffy future?

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I really hope that I’m financially stable as a grown up because I want to be able to buy all the things I’m to anxious to ask for now. Maybe something that I’ll do is not buy the things that don’t make me happy but I feel like I have to have to be socially acceptable, but aren’t necessary for me to be a successful adult. Idk if that makes any sense, but yeah.  » Continue Reading

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Crafting frustrations

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I got the sudden urge to make bracelets today, and turns out my mom threw out all our rainbow looms and beads n shit. A shame ig. She said she can get some more if I really want them, so I’ll see if I still want tomorrow. :P » Continue Reading

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