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Fish Fry Fridays are no joke

Category: Food and Restaurants

Damn y'all... I did t realize how much * actual * cooking was going to be involved with my new Deli counter job!!  » Continue Reading

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Busy Rat Day

Category: Pets and Animals

Tw: animals in distress & surgery (happy ending tho!)  Busy day for my pet rats!  Gemma, one of my bigger girls, had a procedure to remove a tumor on her backside... it was in such a weird spot, next to her colon and urethra... if left untreated, she wouldn't have made it through the rest of the year...  BUT, we got the call from the vet that she's out of surgery, doing well and we can pick her up... » Continue Reading

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Tracking what spacehey still needs...

Category: SpaceHey

Spacehey is fantastic as is. Its given me back most of what I've wanted from all other social medias; a little corner of the internet to decorate as my own... lmfao  but I'm also missing a couple things.. 1. The ability to add more pictures. I guess I just want this to be a bigger platform in general. 2. Top friends. I used showing off who my best friends were and all the drama that would happen c... » Continue Reading

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RIP Kiwi

Category: Pets and Animals

Kiwi, Wiwi, Miss. Wi...  You are so loved.  I'll miss the way you'd greet me and your eyes would pop like pennywise, lmfao You were so curious and attentive.. so lively even until the end, you could really tell you finally felt safe with us...  But I know you were hurting.. and I know it was just time... I don't really believe in much... but I know you're not in pain anymore.... and I know you're ... » Continue Reading

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Were still here, Were still queer

Category: SpaceHey

No cause I've only been here a few hours and the pure transphobia/homophobia and bigotry I've seen is fucking gross.  Also the discourse and in-fighting here is wild..  Jeez guys... leave people alone. Let people be. Just trust that they know themselves better than you ever will and shut up. » Continue Reading

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