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Tracking what spacehey still needs...

Spacehey is fantastic as is. Its given me back most of what I've wanted from all other social medias; a little corner of the internet to decorate as my own... lmfao 

but I'm also missing a couple things..

1. The ability to add more pictures. I guess I just want this to be a bigger platform in general.
2. Top friends. I used showing off who my best friends were and all the drama that would happen cause of that hahaha 
3. Adding html graphics into comments section.  I'm only adding this because I tried to do this today and it didn't work and I got upset. That shit used to be cute as fuck. 
4. Real profile songs, not an embedded outside media player. All of the embedded stuff is just so annoying to me. Again, I guess this is just that I want spacehey to be a bigger platform. 

I'm hoping this site really takes off. I've been open about how much I miss original myspace since it's "death". Even as it was dying I was like what are yall talking about Facebook is fucking ugly....... anyway.....

I really think people miss having their corner of the internet more than they care to admit.

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