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Busy Rat Day

Tw: animals in distress & surgery (happy ending tho!) 

Busy day for my pet rats!

 Gemma, one of my bigger girls, had a procedure to remove a tumor on her backside... it was in such a weird spot, next to her colon and urethra... if left untreated, she wouldn't have made it through the rest of the year... 

BUT, we got the call from the vet that she's out of surgery, doing well and we can pick her up tomorrow morning! I'm so thankful she won't be in so much pain anymore and I'll be able to get a few more years with her. 

We also had to take one of my smaller girls, Jelly, in for a check up because she's been making this.... crunchy breathing noise. Like thats the only way I can describe the noises. Like human snoring...but in a small rat. 

Like I assumed, it was an upper respritory infection and she was put on antibiotics. We should see improvement in a few days and have a follow up appointment in two weeks. 
But everyone at the vet clinic was so silly, they all flocked in to see the baby.

(I'm on mobile or I'd insert pics. But both of them are hairless rats. Pink as little pigs, shiny little black eyes with curly whiskers. Jelly has dumbo ears and Gemmas are normal.) 

Idc about peoples opinions on rats fr.... Pets are our children, and you wouldn't be mean to someone with a rabbit or hamsters when they're all rodents. So shhhhhh. 

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