Fish Fry Fridays are no joke

Damn y'all... I did t realize how much *actual* cooking was going to be involved with my new Deli counter job!! 😳 hahaha 

So with it being the first Friday of lent, everyone and their mother wanted that fish fry combo, with 2 peice of cod and coleslaw and Jojo potatoes, or the veggie sandwich, which takes the longest to make... 

but ya know what....I can't even blame them because everything tastes so fucking good!!!!!! 

Truly tho, I surprised myself with how well I was keeping track of everyone's orders and cooking... I must have made like 45 made-to-order fish fry combos.. one lady called like 5 hours ahead of time for 8 combos! I was like "yall get CALL IN ORDERS" and they're like 

"Yes. Also, this guy also called for his Veggie sandwich, he's a regular tho, he always does that, you'll meet him!" Hahaha

 So like, all in all, I've mostly done cashiering, and my last job was Chipotle prep on the AM shift....... (IYKYK)....but the stuff I was doing with those fish combos tonight, really make me proud of what I was able to accomplish ☺

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