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my childhood aesthetics i KNOW ya'll will love

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

hey guise back with another banger. i grew up in australia and there is a NUMBER of shows we (and probably canada lmao) got that other countries might not have. i'll show some pictures and a little blurb of what they are, many of them u will probably know!! Edgar and Ellen " Twin pranksters Edgar and Ellen enjoy playing jokes on each other and on the citizens of their hometown, Nod's Limbs. Even w... » Continue Reading

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me when i misunderstand clout chasing + my hobby finding journey

Category: SpaceHey

*gets added by someone who promotes their music all over their profile, and denies the request* wow, why are they advertising their music all over their pr- oh. yes, i forgot that spacehey is a myspace clone, and pretty much the whole point of myspace was to share ur music to others. i think i am just a bitter person jealous of not having any hobbies or talents. but being self aware is the first s... » Continue Reading

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walking cane in 3 2 1

Category: Life

LITERALLY being on this website rn makes me feel so old man. like i saw someones profile n they were like "12" 😊😊😊 teeheehee bro i am literally turning 20 this year i feel so old. i feel my body crumbling under the pressure of my old woman bones. my brain can't comprehend that there are people on this planet younger than 15. like get » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

no bc the person i want to add most on this site doesn't have the option on their profile. i am going to have to intervene .... » Continue Reading

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