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my childhood aesthetics i KNOW ya'll will love

hey guise back with another banger.

i grew up in australia and there is a NUMBER of shows we (and probably canada lmao) got that other countries might not have. i'll show some pictures and a little blurb of what they are, many of them u will probably know!!

Edgar and Ellen

"Twin pranksters Edgar and Ellen enjoy playing jokes on each other and on the citizens of their hometown, Nod's Limbs. Even when their pranks backfire, the duo and their faithful pet (named Pet) enjoy tormenting each other and, of course, Ellen's nemesis, Stephanie."

I.N.K. - Invisible Network of Kids

"Four students form a spy network to thwart the crazy plots hatched by their teacher."
i already see 13 yr olds kinning zero (do i even need to tell u which one she is?)

Ruby Gloom

"Some kids might be afraid of the dark. But Ruby is different: she befriends strange characters like Doom Kitty, Skull Boy, Misery, Boo Boo and Mr Buns."

The Adventures of Figaro Pho

"The New Adventures of Figaro Pho is an Australian children's animated television series. It is the 2015 sequel to the 2012 series The Adventures of Figaro Pho. Both are about Figaro Pho, a character with every known phobia."

The Dukes of Bröxstônia

"The series is about 3 teenagers who make up a hard rocking punk band from Broxstonia. Singer Arj, drummer Barj and guitarist Larj are always on tour, enjoying fast but mad adventures, living the dream away from home despite their worst foes, rival band The Lukes of Floxstônia."
i feel as if the show itself is a love it or hate it type of deal, but i love the visuals and animation.

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

"An anthology series that centers around horrible children getting their comeuppance, often in horribly gruesome ways."


"The story about 12 year old Corey that emotionally torments his sister so that she will write the ultimate lyrics for his garage band."


"Abby & Ty Archer work for the Grossology department of the Government and solve crimes too gross for adults."

Strange Hill High

"This comedy-adventure series is created using an animation technique that combines puppetry, Japanese vinyl toys and digital effects. The story follows the unusual and absurd occurrences that happen at the inner-city school `Strange Hill High'. Students Mitchell, Tanner, Becky Butters and Templeton find themselves in the middle of every event, as they try to unravel the school's secrets and mysteries."

Zombie Hotel

"Pass the Fawlty Towers, turn right after the Adams Family's and you'll find the ZOMBIE HOTEL! Wide eyed twins Fungus and Maggot will welcome you, along with their Mum and Dad Zombies, Rictus and Funerella, and a team of wacky employees who never run short of oddities. But don't worry, the twins and their human school pal Sam will come to the rescue whenever you're served pigs eye soup for lunch or if your room is next to a couple of loud vampires. A different kind of resort, where there's never a dull day!"

Vampire Knight

"Yuki's oldest memory is that of a winter night, when she was attacked by a vampire and rescued by another. Ten years later, Yuki, the adopted daughter of the director of the Cross Academy, has grown up and now acts as a guardian of the Day Class."


"Six brave fourth-graders at Third Street School make it their mission to protect the other kids on the playground. Despite the rule of King Bob and his minions, who enforce his unwritten laws, T.J, Ashley, Vince, Gus, Gretchen and Mikey seek a rational balance between conformity and individuality."


"Brainy, sardonic Daria Morgendorffer tries to fly under the radar at Lawndale High School, and she's doing a pretty good job of it: Her self-esteem teacher can't even remember her name. Not that low self-esteem is a problem for Daria, who explains that `I have low esteem for everyone else'. Frankly, she couldn't care less about the airheads in the `in' crowd, like her sister, Quinn, or cheerleader Brittany. At least best friend Jane Lane is readily available any time Daria needs a break from all the clueless masses around them."

Young Dracula

"Vlad and Ingrid, along with their father Count Dracula, move to Britain from Transylvania."

Invader Zim

ik everyone knows this one but i gotta include it....

"Zim dreams of greatness. Unfortunately, though, he's hopelessly inept as a space invader. Desperate to be rid of the annoying Zim, his planet's leaders send him on a mission to infiltrate Earth, providing him with leftover, cobbled-together equipment. To their consternation, Zim succeeds in setting up a base on Earth and infiltrating human culture, posing as a human child as he plots the planet's downfall. Only Zim's archnemesis, Dib, recognizes that Zim is an alien, and of course, nobody believes Dib's claims."

Growing Up Creepie

"An orphan raised by insects, Creepie must learn to interact with humans."

Clone High

another popular one sry hehe

"A group of high-school teens are the products of government employees' secret experiment. They are the genetic clones of famous historical figures who have been dug up, re-created anew. Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, JFK, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and more are juxtaposed as teenagers dealing with teen issues in the 20th century."

A Kitty Bobo Show

"The pilot revolves around the eponymous character, Kitty Bobo, as he tries to prove his coolness to his friends."
so yes, it is just a one off pilot, but i absolutely am in love with it.


"This cartoon series follows four high-school buddies and their new experiences as undergraduate college students. Each unique character is voiced by show creator Pete Williams and personifies a different archetypical university scholar. The series revolves around Nitz, a shy guy lacking self-esteem, whose pals - Rocko the party animal frat boy, Cal the ladies' man and Gimpy the nerd - all deal with their coming-of-age, student loans, dorm life and more post high-school tribulations."

Bigtop Burger

not quite childhood but i luv it

"The premise revolves around the titular Bigtop Burger, a food truck that sells burgers with a circus clown motif, and the shenanigans that the truck's group gets into on their job, mostly because of their boss."
all of these are on youtube for free!!

i've saved my absolute favourite for last. i've made it my mission to spread it to as many people as i can.

Mission Hill

"Set in the world of teens and 20-somethings, this series follows hip 25-year-old Andy French, whose sheltered suburban teenage brother moves in with him and his roommates in a big-city loft."
i absolutely ADOREEEEE this show. its all on youtube, pls give it a watch!

sooo i hope ya'll find sum new shows to watch <3333 any suggestions for myself lmk

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gaz ☆

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i shit you not i knew a genuine zero kinnie around age 13

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LOL no way

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Christopher Wu🎹🎵💗

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Awesome shows! I love cartoons too! Especially anime!
Anime is a gift to humanity! lol

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true!! i've grown up with it so i still watch it a lot

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