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me when i misunderstand clout chasing + my hobby finding journey

*gets added by someone who promotes their music all over their profile, and denies the request*

wow, why are they advertising their music all over their pr-


yes, i forgot that spacehey is a myspace clone, and pretty much the whole point of myspace was to share ur music to others.
i think i am just a bitter person jealous of not having any hobbies or talents. but being self aware is the first step :')


at the minute !!!
i am readying my laptop to install a flipnote-esque drawing program. i'll share the name of it if it doesn't end up being malware? lmao
i also took an introductory coding course which i hope to get into when my job contract ends (end of this year) as it will give me something to do apart from tiring myself job searching.
i love to collect coins and vhs tapes, but it doesn't really require any talent.
tried music (keyboard and bass) but my hands cramp up when i move them too fast which makes it very frustrating, and i have goldfish memory.

so yeah. i bet my bf is glad i am finding other avenues to rant abt crap lmao (jkjk he loves me but i feel like i annoy him)


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