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weiners: a bulletin-turned-blog-post

Category: Life

(I posted this as a bulletin on April 1 and decided maybe it belonged in a more permanent space.) Here's a question for you on this Friday morning: Why are dudes obsessed with sending pictures of their cocks to others? Don't get me wrong, I love mine. But I understand that no one *really* wants to see it - especially unsolicited. I do wonder though: If so many guys use this as a tactic, does that ... » Continue Reading

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Some words on baseball and the Phillies

Category: Sports

As of right now, the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the MLB owners and players union is expired. Everything I've read in the last two weeks points to a lockout. I haven't seen the latest update, but for the sake of argument I'll assume no deal was reached. The Commissioner, in his infinite wisdom, has said he favors a lockout now because the two sides can [theoretically] negotiate a new a... » Continue Reading

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Something I noticed on Facebook

Category: Friends

I've said many times on the podcast that if you want to have a fun discussion, post a topic on Facebook for your friends (not the public - don't do that). And for the most part, I have had success with this. It had led to many a good discussion on both my live show and the podcast. If you need help with something, though? Facebook isn't always the best place to ask. Sure, you may get some good tip... » Continue Reading

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