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Category: Music

i've been making noise with wavepad and some other apps. i guess i'd compare it to crystal castles mating with weird al. if you listen and think "wtf was that" then my mission is complete. the full collection can be heard @ » Continue Reading

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comedy & mental illness

Category: Life

i have a journal where i tell comedy stories and discuss living with schizophrenia. if you're bored, check it out.  you also don't have to have an LJ account to like/comment on posts if you want to provide any feedback. » Continue Reading

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wrestling empire on nintendo switch

Category: Games

wrestling empire came out yesterday for nintendo switch. it was made by one person, mat dickie , who has been making games for pc and mobile for 20 years. it's inspired by the old wrestling games from n64 but the controls and gameplay are much better. i wouldn't consider myself a huge gamer but i found his game » Continue Reading

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my 5 favorite albums of 2019

Category: Music

i'm very bored and enjoyed making my 2020 list of music yesterday so i am going to do a 2019 one. a lot of this shit i still listen to regularly so i guess it's still relevant? i might do a 2018 one too. idk. click on the pic to open the album in spotify. 5. Caroline Polachek - Pang "So Hot You're Hu » Continue Reading

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my 5 favorite albums of 2020

Category: Music

2020 had a lot of great releases, these 5 albums in particular stuck out to me the most: (click pic to open album in spotify) 5.  Pynkie - #37 very chill album, starting off with "You" which is exceptionally catchy despite being such a short song. "Sunday Drivin" is another album that sticks out to me » Continue Reading

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