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my 5 favorite albums of 2020

2020 had a lot of great releases, these 5 albums in particular stuck out to me the most:
(click pic to open album in spotify)

5.  Pynkie - #37

very chill album, starting off with "You" which is exceptionally catchy despite being such a short song. "Sunday Drivin" is another album that sticks out to me and is often stuck in my head.

4. Rina Sawayama - Sawayama

i love her style. she sounds very pop while also incorporating a lot of nu-metal elements. not unlike Poppy but not the same either. "Dynasty" has such a big feel to it and "STFU" is very catchy, the video is great also.

3. Plone - Puzzlewood

this is such a superb album, it's instrumental and each song is such a journey. it has sonic the hedgehog  and disney movie vibes at times. very energetic and feel good. 

2. Vanilla Sugar - She

this album found me at exactly the right time. "ThisDarkPlace" is so fucking catchy and good. the same can be said about "WarStories" and the album is just as good in between. 

1. Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

i was fortune enough to find a leak of this in mid 2019 and played the fuck out of it. it got me through one of the toughest times of my life and when those emotions spilled over into 2020 i was able to find solace in this album again after it's official release. the video for "Violence" is wild in hindsight because it came out before the spread of covid and mask regulations yet the dancers are all wearing masks that you're so used to seeing now. watching it with 2020 vision it seems normal until you release when it was actually released. "You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around" and "Delete Forever" are both beautiful and emotional songs. 4Æm is like an audio upper, no stimulants needed.

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Looooove Miss Anthropocene. It's insane how Violence felt like a prediction of 2020. Watching it now, I'm like what do her and Elon know that we don't? I guess the only reason they wore masks is because she felt like she couldn't get her facial expressions to look natural while doing the choreography, or at least that's the story. I also love My Name is Dark!

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that makes a lot of sense about the masks. I love that song too.

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