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my 5 favorite albums of 2019

i'm very bored and enjoyed making my 2020 list of music yesterday so i am going to do a 2019 one. a lot of this shit i still listen to regularly so i guess it's still relevant? i might do a 2018 one too. idk. click on the pic to open the album in spotify.

5. Caroline Polachek - Pang

"So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings" is so fucking catchy. it's so good. i can't say enough positive things about it. the video is amazing and the song is a masterpiece. "Door" is also great. these are 2 singles from the album and they also stick out the most to me.

4. Baby Goth - Self Titled EP

i dig Baby Goth's style and aesthetic. although she has the reputation of being an "industry plant" her music still ticks the right boxes for me. it's catchy and easy to get lost in. every song on this is equally catchy to me.

3. Elohim - Braindead

Elohim is an angel. she released this album during mental health awareness month and all proceeds benefited mental health charity. the title train "Braindead" is a great track and "TV" is very relatable for me. there is even a fun cover of "Flagpole Sitta" on it as well.

2. Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

this album starts off on a banger "Julian" is so catchy and gets me wanting to dance. "Now That I Found You" has such a cute video and it's such a good song. "Too Much", "Want You In My Room" and "Happy Not Knowing" all stick out to me too. a solid album til the end.

1. Kim Petras - Clarity

Kim Petras is currently the undisputed queen of pop music. she's so good. "Icy" is superb. if you have any fresh heartache in you this song will play into those feelings wonderfully. the video is a fantastic treat too. "Personal Hell" is fire, pun majorly intended. "Broken" tugs at the same heartstrings as "Icy" and "Do Me" gets stuck in my head very easily. i love Kim Petras and this album does a beautiful job of showcasing why. 

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