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wrestling empire on nintendo switch

wrestling empire came out yesterday for nintendo switch. it was made by one person, mat dickie, who has been making games for pc and mobile for 20 years. it's inspired by the old wrestling games from n64 but the controls and gameplay are much better. i wouldn't consider myself a huge gamer but i found his game wrestling revolution 3d on steam last june and started playing. i'm at about 370 hrs into that game because it's so addicting. mdickie got me back into video games, i definitely spent the better part of yesterday playing wrestling empire. check it out if you like wrestling it's a cheap buy. $19.99 originally and is currently 20% off.

this video ( was posted by mdickie and features clips from a short career mode run through he did. his character changes in the clips because he has to agree to certain name and gimmick changes throughout his career in different promotions. you can negotiate creative control into your contract to avoid this or just roll with it, the game is so detailed.

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that sounds very interesting, i might check it out

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