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im surprised i don't have diabetes by now?

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oh my god

Category: Quiz/Survey

the ohio booty tickler is gone. nobody can rest with this event happening. he has been replaced by some bitch named dolletto. we can not let this happen. please avenge the ohio booty tickler » Continue Reading

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writing !!

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

i'm gunna try and write this pico's school fanfic au thingy i've been wanting 2 right on ao3 !! ( i luv pico's school!! )  » Continue Reading

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babies r cute but--

Category: Blogging

i had 2 babysit this weekend and it was 2 1 yr olds and it made me so sad and i cried, but i played the splatfest and it was a little okay?? » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

NEW ZELDA TRAILER MADE ME CRY OMG I LOVE ZELDA ;                    ;  » Continue Reading

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Today I lived, it was okay.

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I lived, made it through school (again!!)  It was a friend's birthday 2day, so I'm trying 2 get her sum copy papr to draw on! ( she's an amazing artist, unlike me ;w; )  btw, becuz i now have friends!!!  do u guys know how 2 get HTML 2 work on pages other than my profile? i'd try to get it 2 work but i am.. super supr lazy!!  anyways, bye thank you, and ily » Continue Reading

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Today I lived, It was okay.

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

if u really think abt it, life is so weird. like how do we all walk around n stuff??  i'm tying to make my page a lots more cool rn ( most trying to learn HTML lmfao :p ), and even tho I've had my account 4 9 months i haven't used it in awhile ( until 2nite! )  nobody iz gonna read this, but if u do ty and ily » Continue Reading

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