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scene albums [TOP TEN LIST]

Category: Music

This is going to be a small series of top 10 lists of genres, as my page is mainly about scene i thought it was only fair to start there. This is mainly what i think would be scene/scene adjacent albums. I will be using Spotify but you can find these on Apple, YouTube or similar. You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter The Best of BC13 Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid Someday Came Suddenly In Vogu... » Continue Reading

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scene inspirations [LIST]

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Usually I do a small intro for my blogs but honestly this is just a list of a few of my biggest scene inspirations for hair, makeup and clothes. This is about the style and what I've always found cool when I first started getting into scene and until today. This isn't going to be in an organized list or a deepdive into anyone but here we go.. Izzi murder Leda monster bunny Melissa marie Lexi lush ... » Continue Reading

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kandi basics [HOW TO/TIPS]

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I wanted to make something about kandi basics and tutorials that helped me out when I first tried making kandi and knowing about it. I've also seen some posts on different places about wanting to try kandi but not knowing where to start so i though this might help someone out. This will be the very basics and won't be in a lot of detail or go too much into the history for a quick read but it's alw... » Continue Reading

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song rotation - July [LIST]

Category: Music

I like to talk about music a lot tbh so I thought as it's nearing the end of the month it would be good to share a few of the songs that I've been listening to quite a lot. It's a mix of newer and older stuff from different sounds but all of them are good imo. youtube links will be added if you want to listen to them. This won't be a ranked/organized list by any means but here we go..  Sorry You'r... » Continue Reading

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emo online shopping [HOW TO/TIPS]

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

With some styles getting a bit more traction again, some might say a full on revival, or even if you're reminiscing and want to find some stuff you once loved, I thought I'd share some tips for finding second hand clothing for subculture online. This will focus on emo/scene clothing but the same methods apply for every style and subculture and it might help you with finding clothing for cheaper wh... » Continue Reading

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newer scene bands [LIST]

Category: Music

I've seen some things floating around here and on other socials about looking for new/rising  bands in the scene so i thought I'd post some on here in the hopes it helps someone out. i will use YouTube videos as its a neutral platform that a lot of people have instead of apple music, spotify or similar. This will be kept short and sweet so here is a list of some newer scene bands! Seeyouspacecowbo... » Continue Reading

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some cool cursors

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i thought this could help someone find some cool cursors they would want for their layout.  i have tried these to make sure they work and they do for these to show up you have to put them in the who i'd like to meet section  tombstone pink skull and crossbones  pumpkin  purple witch hat spider hello kitty jack skellington  sally  pink bow » Continue Reading

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