scene inspirations [LIST]

Usually I do a small intro for my blogs but honestly this is just a list of a few of my biggest scene inspirations for hair, makeup and clothes. This is about the style and what I've always found cool when I first started getting into scene and until today. This isn't going to be in an organized list or a deepdive into anyone but here we go..

Izzi murder

Leda monster bunny

Melissa marie

Lexi lush

Kookie krumbs

Chris dakota

Dani gore

Barbie beatdown

Jenn curbstomp

Hannie dropkick

this is just a few because i like to keep my blogs quick reads and I can always do a part 2 if that is something you guys would be interested in. who are some people that inspire you and your style?

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when i was like 11, i was obsessed with this pic:

i didn't know the girl behind it 'til now!

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awesome! good to know my blog could help u haha

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Some pretty cool looks there
I can seee the inspiration!

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thank you!!

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