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"Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations."


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Graveyard & "Spooky" Nature Photography 🦇🧛‍♀️📷

Category: Art and Photography

I dabble in photography/editing on occasion. These are some of my personal favorite edits. Mother of Mercy    The Watcher  Don't Blink Reach Reflection Point Guiding Light Winter Twins Lumos Old Town Home » Continue Reading

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Some of My Drawings 😄

Category: Art and Photography

So last year during lockdown/quarantine I started drawing again. I drew a lot back in high school but hadn't drawn anything since around 2010 when I graduated. I'm still not super confident, and I'm constantly trying to improve, but I started posting them on my other socials and figured I'd also post them here! I might also post the ones from high school since I've scanned a lot of them. Anyway...... » Continue Reading

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A Change in My Opinion of the Star Wars Sequels

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

As recently as a year ago I strongly disliked the Sequel Trilogy and it's related era in Star Wars Canon. I never hated it but I was incredibly disappointed and dismissive of it. However, over the past few months I've reached a point where I don't feel that way anymore. I’ve started feeling more "neutral" towards it and am even warming up to it. Even though the "Legends" timeline for post-RotJ wil... » Continue Reading

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition (brief series review/reflective?)

Category: Games

I've been a Mass Effect fan since 2007 (I feel old now, I was 15 then 😐) when I got the first game for Christmas. I loved it and pre-ordered both 2 & 3  as soon as I could. I've played through the trilogy at least 6 times, once on Insanity in the lead up to Andromeda, and played ME 1 & 2 a couple of times on their own. Since I've been playing through the Legendary Edition, I thought it'd be fun to... » Continue Reading

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