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Death In Deep Waters

Category: Writing and Poetry

Thurs, May 18 2023. the stress we feel causes us pain and feel like death is waiting for us. deadly dark villages are in classrooms with shitty teachers, abusive home filled with an abusive family & shitty bosses from Shitty jobs. good souls that are filled with innocence and kindness would fall and crumble just like the falling leaves from decaying trees. the ring on the finger is not an promisin... » Continue Reading

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We’re All Sinners, There’s No Point In Proving That We’re Not

Category: Writing and Poetry

February 28th 2023 I’m not perfect, I have good things but I ended up fucking it up I’ll always screw up and keep saying shit that I don’t mean  I have a very hurtful tongue that’ll make people think that I’m dangerous  I used to think of myself as a good guy but now I let my actions speak for me I’ll admit I am fucked up in a head but I’ll try my best not to be an asshole to you I go through thin... » Continue Reading

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Ima Monster

Category: Writing and Poetry

February 11th 2023  You started to pull the champagne from the ceremony  in our private room In such a romantic way  You’re one of the kind that’ll make my sugar rush  That’ll make you blush  Our names written in blood You’re the beauty killer  you have a very cute Chelsea grin  Death to other’s hearts  You can suck my D like it’s a lollipop  You’re hawt like a diamond. » Continue Reading

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When I Take My Clothes Off, You’re Starting To Sweat Out

Category: Writing and Poetry

Tuesday December 20th 2022  Now I’m the boy that you think about in bed When the lights are off and your eyes are closing  You wish that I was there with you  With all the alcohol in your room  You know that your boyfriend will never be better than me Cause I give better kisses, a hotter touch, a better fuck Sweetie you know that you’re the only stripper I want  Your love not only comes from a kis... » Continue Reading

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This year is almost over, Yay ^_^

Category: Blogging

This year is pretty shit xD cause some stupid bitch decided to take a photo me wearing a choker which is a necklace that most goth kids wear, (even tho I wear a choker and listen to goth music I’m not goth, I’m emo I listen to a fuck tone of emo music) but anyways since the slut decided to take a photo she decided to post it on her Snapchat and make fun of me and make false rumors  about me saying... » Continue Reading

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“It’s not weird, it’s the boys or the girls” “straight” guys & women

Category: Life

These so called “straight” men & women would always find an excuse on why they did the gayest things with their same gender friends they be saying “it’s not weird it’s the boys, or it’s the girls” it’s like bitch no that’s not an excuse to do gay shit you be doing with their friend like if you keep doing that shit to your same gender friends then at this point you must be gay, bi, or pan or someth... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

hello motherfuckers I’m Raven, I’m a 17 year old emo scene kid, that is sophomore in high school, and I’m autistic, I’m a very cool person so feel free to talk to me LOL, I also like screamo, metalcore, deathcore, pop punk, punk rock, emo, eletronicore, eletronic, hardcore punk, alternative rock, alternative metal, death metal, post-hardcore, & Crunkcore music :) » Continue Reading

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