Death In Deep Waters

Thurs, May 18 2023.
the stress we feel causes us pain and feel like death is waiting for us.
deadly dark villages are in classrooms with shitty teachers, abusive home filled with an abusive family & shitty bosses from Shitty jobs.
good souls that are filled with innocence and kindness would fall and crumble just like the falling leaves from decaying trees.
the ring on the finger is not an promising ring that’ll make the moment last forever.
breaking a kind person‘s heart and give them scars and traumas is like leaving a sweet strawberry on the plate for it to rot.
changed personalities after the hurt is the moment where the traumas and scars will be unforgiven and unforgettable.
but giving the wounded person a lot of love, support, & comfort is gonna add sugar to heal the person with happiness.
loving yourself and loving everyone that has been there for you will help you win battles and understood the conflicts.
do not be a kind person and then turn into a toxic piece of shit all because of the wounds, scars, & traumas you’ve received you will regret it it is not worth it and it never will be.
— Raven Belphegor.

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