We’re All Sinners, There’s No Point In Proving That We’re Not

February 28th 2023

I’m not perfect, I have good things but I ended up fucking it up

I’ll always screw up and keep saying shit that I don’t mean 

I have a very hurtful tongue that’ll make people think that I’m dangerous 

I used to think of myself as a good guy but now I let my actions speak for me

I’ll admit I am fucked up in a head but I’ll try my best not to be an asshole to you

I go through things and I promise myself that I’ll never put myself in those situations again 

I feel bewitched for the people that actually cared for me

I no longer think as a good guy but I don’t think myself as a bad guy either 

I’m just some boy that’s gone through fucked up shit just like other people

No one is perfect  

No one is a favorite

No one is innocent 

Everyone in this world is a sinner

Plain and simple 

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