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Category: SpaceHey

quick sidenote but if youre one of those ppl who goes “ermmm!!! dni lists are soo chronically online!!!1,1,1” gtfo i dont want you here 😭 ( hopefully i can make this brief enough )  * basic dni * the rancid mfs who ship killer sans x nightmare sans and talene x framton * proshippers , pro / neu / complex contact , and every other creepazoid kiddy diddler with a fancy label * anti mental + physical... » Continue Reading

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my 1000th rant or whatever

Category: Blogging

i feel like im in this state of perpetual confusion. im so damn hesitant about every action and i barely understand anyone else. i swear to fucking god,  you can give me the most clear instruction with every detail id need to know and id still be confused. i hate it so much. i dont get what i dont understand. on top of that, i have YET to see reality as an actual place and not just some screensave... » Continue Reading

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these gore spammers are genuinely so fucking annoying

Category: SpaceHey

ive posted about the nsfw and gore raids like several times on my bulletin but im just gonna make a blog abt it anyways number 1, who the FUCK is axel / alex / whatever their name is and why are these social rejects so obsessed with them. ive seen like 3 posts within the last 10 minutes about some basement dweller with a bloody corpse as their pfp talk about how much they HATEEE alex / axel and ho... » Continue Reading

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silly stamps for you ^_^ ( forever wip )

Category: SpaceHey

all mine !! ( og imgs mostly not mine tho ) credits to the og owners of the images / gifs ( also sidenote , i have made more stamps than this ; theyre just in my profile. they all have the same border btw ) potential flashing lights cw » Continue Reading

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tw dissociation. personal rant.

Category: Life

i swear to god nothing feels real anymore. my dissociation has gotten so bad that its just constant numb and derealization 24/7. this has to be some sort of severe dissociative disorder or something because my brain is physically incapable of registering reality as an actual place. its getting worse everyday. i dont even know who i am anymore , sometimes i find myself questioning if i even know my... » Continue Reading

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