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these gore spammers are genuinely so fucking annoying

ive posted about the nsfw and gore raids like several times on my bulletin but im just gonna make a blog abt it anyways

number 1, who the FUCK is axel / alex / whatever their name is and why are these social rejects so obsessed with them. ive seen like 3 posts within the last 10 minutes about some basement dweller with a bloody corpse as their pfp talk about how much they HATEEE alex / axel and how they want said person to kts and get rayped followed by the poster spamming the n word a bunch of times. like dude. this is overkill. why do you have to go to this extent. like are you fucking dense ??

number 2, why are the moderators barely taking ANY action ? ive been fixating on making stamps and because of that ive been on spacehey for a few hrs per day and within that period of time ive seen several gore and nsfw accounts stay up for at LEAST an hour. i understand that the moderation team is small and they have their own lives but PLEASEE just do something more. ip ban them , set account verification measurements , or at least just have an ai moderator. there are people leaving this platform en masse due to these disgusting freaks constantly spamming gore because their parents didnt give them enough attention.

i swear to god spacehey your platform is going to be dead by the next 3 months if no one stops this

also , edit : idk if this is insensitive or not but i made a stamp out of this. gore spammers kys challenge ! / srs


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