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"what am I doing? not constantly updating my status for one."

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if you're a "content creator", I'm not interested

Category: Pets and Animals

@import ""; When it comes to music, I have a soft spot for bands with a still small following, or individuals who mean what they say and say what they mean (or make instrumental music *they* like). Anything other than that, no thanks. When it comes to gaming, if you're as good at your games of choice as this dude , I might be interested. Otherwise, it's... » Continue Reading

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miss me with that lord of the flies bullshit kthx

Category: Life

@import ""; When a group has no specific task (and consciousness raising is a task), the people in it turn their energies to controlling others in the group. This is not done so much out of a malicious desire to manipulate others (though sometimes it is) as out of a lack of anything better to do with their talents. Able people with time on their hands a... » Continue Reading

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So YouTube is banning and deleting again..

Category: Art and Photography

@import ""; .. yet 3 years in, I can *still* find ElsaGate Videos without even trying. You know, the ones that are "just weird" on the surface yet undeniably part of a larger phenomenon Google never lifted a finger to help shed light on, just deleting the outright violent ones and calling it a day, declaring victory together with Disney as early as Dece... » Continue Reading

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Maciej Ceglowski - The Website Obesity Crisis [Web Directions 2015 Keynote]

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

@import ""; text version: There is only one honest measure of web performance: the time from when you click a link to when you've finished skipping the last ad. Everything else is bullshit. » Continue Reading

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A Spacehey CSS preview thingy I hacked together in like 4 minutes

Category: SpaceHey

@import ""; This isn't very good yet :P I think it would be neat to be able to load any profile as example, and I haven't tested it beyond "seems to work". But even as quick and dirty as this is, I figure it might be somewhat useful already. Any suggestions or bug reports welcome! Also feel free to just take the thing and make your own version of it, th... » Continue Reading

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Some quotes by Joseph Weizenbaum

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

@import ""; The salvation of the world depends only on the individual whose world it is. At least, every individual must act as if the whole future of the world, of humanity itself, depends on him. Anything less is a shirking of responsibility and is itself a dehumanizing force, for anything less encourages the individual to look upon himself as a mere ... » Continue Reading

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Some quotes by Hannah Arendt

Category: News and Politics

@import ""; Under the most diverse conditions and disparate circumstances, we watch the development of the same phenomena—homelessness on an unprecedented scale, rootlessness to an unprecedented depth. -- Hannah Arendt, "The Origins of Totalitarianism" Totalitarianism begins in contempt for what you have. The second step is the notion: “Things must chan... » Continue Reading

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the tail end of the myspace forums

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

@import ""; It was total anarchy, and it was great. » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

@import ""; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... » Continue Reading

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I adore quickjs

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

@import ""; q u i c k j s r o c k s let words = 'quickjs rocks', output = ''; for (let i = 1, len = words.length; i <= len; i++) { for (let j = 0; j < i; j++) { output += '<blink>'; } output += words[i - 1]; for (let j = 0; j < i; j++) { output += '</blink>'; } } console.log('<b>' + output + '</b>'); » Continue Reading

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Blogging about blogging

Category: Blogging

@import ""; Reading time: 5 seconds. I'm not much of a blogger, but if I was, my blog posts would go here. Yay! Thanks for reading. » Continue Reading

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