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A Spacehey CSS preview thingy I hacked together in like 4 minutes

This isn't very good yet :P I think it would be neat to be able to load any profile as example, and I haven't tested it beyond "seems to work". But even as quick and dirty as this is, I figure it might be somewhat useful already.

Any suggestions or bug reports welcome! Also feel free to just take the thing and make your own version of it, the more the merrier :P

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Nein MC

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Well, there is no "div.content" in use on SpaceHey ^^ I think. Use right click and "inspect element", and select the element(s) you mean, and to find what selectors the current CSS may be using to modify them. Just as a general tip, it's really *the* ticket.

Since I'm not 100% sure what exactly you want the opacity changed of, here's something to at least try, put it at the very end of the CSS I guess:

div.row.profile {opacity: 0.8;}

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Raga Tanha

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im having alot of trouble with opacity - can you help me out please!! i was able to do a moving graphic for my back ground but cant get the opacity right and i wrote it in the code

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This is pretty darn cool. I can imagine it being super useful for editing on mobile

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This fantastic I will not lie.

I am working on a version of this but a cli!

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