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Stargate BYOND (My Game)

Category: Games

I have been working on a game on for the better part of 2 years. Its far from complete. But it was inspired by Stargate Online a game I used to play over 10 years ago. The game is playable and online now, you can join and chat with others in the world. Its a pure nostalgia trip for anyone that knew of SGO. and for anyone that loves Stargate it should be lots of fun. JOIN NOW » Continue Reading

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Youtube channel - road to community tab

Category: Games

I have been on Youtube for many years and have been playing Runescape since I was 11 years old. in 2020 when the pandemic hit, I started a Youtube channel where I combined the two. I have made a few successful videos and grew my channel pretty fast to what it is now. I am now however at a bit of a stand still and am on a mission to achieve 500 subscribers by March. The reason I want 500 specifical... » Continue Reading

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Friendster Layout

Category: SpaceHey

Had a comment on one of my previous layouts asking if I could recreate Friendster. Now I have NEVER used Friendster, I was always a Myspace kid, so had nothing to go on in my mind. But having a look at the way back machine, I chose a snapshot from 2006 (September 1st to be exact) and came up with this. For reference, this is what the snapsnot looked like originally. Check out the layout here (as w... » Continue Reading

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MSN Messenger in 2022 (Yes really)

Category: Friends

You read the title correctly. There is in fact a way to relive to good old days and have MSN messenger whilst surfing  Myspace  SpaceHey. How to create an account and relive the MSN Days Register an account on - Download Windows Live Messenger (Official client with patch) - (optional)  Add me as a contact ;) -... » Continue Reading

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Embed your scrobbles to your page

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hey guys, here is a quick HTML tip to embed your  scrobbles to your profile. If you want to use one of my custom layouts,  CLICK HERE . » Continue Reading

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Feeling Nostalgic

Category: Blogging

Oh hey SpaceHey - The overwhelming urge to type in l33t speak is very concerning. I shall resist as best I can, I had no idea this place even existed. As a teenager in the mid 2000's Myspace was amazing so this is just a trip down memory lane. I might end up posting some of my art here, or even a Youtube video or two. Who knows. Feel free to add me :D » Continue Reading

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