Embed your last.fm scrobbles to your page

Hey guys, here is a quick HTML tip to embed your last.fm scrobbles to your profile.

If you want to use one of my custom layouts, CLICK HERE.

<a href="https://www.last.fm/user/YOURUSERNAME"><img src="https://lastfm-recently-played.vercel.app/api?user=YOURUSERNAME" height="auto" width="350px"/></a>

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using!!! thank you so much

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idk if that became old but mine is not refreshing TWT

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It still works for me.

by Setsuwa; ; Report


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thank you!!!

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thank you!

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Marty McStarfox

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You are awesome, man :D

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it wont refresh, any ideas?

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Thank you! Last.fm is a page I've used religiously since 2009 and I appreciate this link so I can add it to my profile here!

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THIS IS SO COOL! I didnt know it was possible to embed scrobbles :0 I wanted to replace my spotify playlist that was outdated with something that always shows what im listening too and I think that's a great substitute. I love using Last.fm so im so glad im able to code it right onto my page.

I put it on my "music" colomn on my profile, so its not as big, but I think it fits there.

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I think putting it in the music section is 100% the right decision. :D

by Mr Relliks; ; Report


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mine is not refreshing?

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could that be because i use vpn? but it refreshes on the site

by scourgu!; ; Report

same, have u found a solution yet? ive had it on for like a half hour but it hasn't updated since i put it on my profile

by xXt34rsd0ntf411Xx; ; Report

It does work - due to local caching of webpages (The ability to make websites you visit often load faster) images are stored in the cache. This will work fine for other people coming to your profile. They'll see the latest scrobbles etc.

There is a quick way to force your browser to fetch it though. Press CTRL whilst pressing refresh and it clears the cache and pulls the info again.

Its not a perfect solution, but last.fm doesnt have a native embed solution, this is the best I could find.

by Mr Relliks; ; Report

Thank you! as long as it auto updates for other people that view my profile that's great

by xXt34rsd0ntf411Xx; ; Report


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Really cool, appreciate it!

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